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About Alpha-1 Systems

If we can't get it clean, no one can!

1985 Alpha-1 Mall Show

We are not your average carpet cleaning company. Alpha-1 Systems is family owned and operated by John and Sue Gull and we actually care about you and your carpets. In the 1980's, dry cleaning was a new concept in carpet care. We started out at mall shows demonstrating this new method of carpet cleaning, and we have perfected it throughout the years. Now, it is the most effective and remarkable method of carpet cleaning.

When you call for an appointment, Sue is the one who you will speak to, while John and Richard are the ones you'll see at your doorstep. We don't send out young kids who aren't trained and have little knowledge of carpet cleaning. We're here to make cleaning your carpet a breeze. You won't pay extra for the removal of spots, because we have no hidden charges!

Call or contact us today to book your appointment, and check out our current specials. We hope to serve you soon!

Why should you choose Alpha-1?

  • Have you ever been frustrated with a service company?
  • Have you ever waited all day, never to hear from the company that said: "We'll be there by the end of the day", yet they never showed up, or called?
  • Have you ever been worried about who was in your home?

Look no more, we're the company for you! Alpha-1 is committed to customer satisfaction, affordability, and we strive to serve whatever your needs may be. We have had the pleasure of serving the Asheville/Hendersonville area since 1982, and we have built a strong foundation with our repeat business and value each customer. We are very proud of the testimonies we have received throughout the years.

Alpha-1 Advantages

We do a scrubbing and drying process where a minimal amount of moisture is used. It leaves your carpet damp to the touch and the average dry time is 2 hours or less. We spot clean as needed for animal urine, drink or coffee spills, and normal tracking from outside. Finally, the carpet is vacuumed and raked.

  • Our process leaves your carpet soft and nearly dry.
  • Virtually NO odor is involved.
  • Once removed, most spots will not return, unlike other methods.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!
Angie's List Super Service Award Winner

Previous awards were received for 2012 - 2009

Just look for the Alpha-1 Van

John and Richard will be in it!

Alpha-1 Van Alpha-1 Van and Guys Alpha-1 Van and Guys Alpha-1 Van Close-up

Competitors Disadvantages

The Steam Cleaning Method

Steam cleaning can use up to 20 times more water than dry cleaning. All that water is pumped into your carpet and therefore can cause your carpet to be extremely wet and can take days for it to dry. Due to the high pressure this technique calls for, the backing of the carpet can get wet and cause mold and mildew. Also, the detergent used to clean can leave a soapy residue on your carpet afterwards.

The Dry Powder Method

It may take months to vacuum out the excess granules of powder in your carpet and they may never be completely removed. Their method does not use any kind of moisture, and is extremely difficult to effectively clean your carpet using this method.